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21 January 2011

Wat a TGIF =(

now i'm so tired now..... but cant zzzzzzz.... since tuesday, i 'one-man-show' , my hb outstation - bkk, bk oni tonite midnight... so he cant help much either.. i hv bn 'chong-ing' fm office latest by 5.30 to pick lance fm cc, then if got chance, go back off-load bags, if not, gotta dragged him to pick zann aft schl.. i tried 'bluffed' him on wednesday to stay w my mum, even 'bribed' him w a pkt of biscuits fm his goodie bag fm schl (actually i dun allw him to eat since he recovered not long), end up when i rchd home w zann (7pm), saw him at ex-nanny house! cos nanny said she heard lance crying pitifully, my mum cant 'gao-tim' him, so she brought him up to her house (1 floor up) and told him cant cry if not bb will wake up (now nanny looking aft her grandson)... then gotta dragged lance along on same evening to tiong bahru cos zann got tution =( tis morning zann a.m. session, last nite keep 'blowing' her to slp early but she got homework, end up earliest get her on bed 10.45pm, heng lance slept 9+pm tink he's too tire (may b now i knw is not good sign, he usually sleep 11+). i cudnt sleep till 12+, then 3+am heard lance coughing badly (thot he recover liao??).. pat him & he slp again.. 4+ he cried said 'cant breath'!! tink his nose block again, he asked for 'puff'.. i set everything end up he complaint chamber 'cold' refused to puff... aggrrr.. then asked for milk instead... so i gv him then we went bk to slp. 5.25 my mum wake me cos she's leaving for work le..too tire, i knock-off again.. 5.45 my alarm clock ring... agggggrrrr... i kwn i'll get bk to slp & cant wake up, so i set hp alarm 6am.. aggrrr... cannot sleep in 'peace'... 6am wake up, make milk for zann.. gotta keep 'chasing' her to brush tooth/change, etc... 6.15 charmaine ah mah called to wake me up + saying she can help to bring zann if she's ready.. but tis gal still dely-dallying... i told her is OK, i'll send her myself.. really v kind of her... then 6.30 ah may called to wake me up, she apologised for being overslept....... told her is OK i alr wake up.. 6.40 when getting ready to leave home then realise lance's got fever =( die-lah.. faster gv him paraceltamol... no choice gotta put him in stroller and walked together w zann to schl... i thot he'll fall alseep, heng he's awake & quite active.. come bk abt 7.20am gv him cough medi + ventolin again (lucky i jus replenished on wednesday like knwing the virus will b bk)... keep sponging him.. he asked for milk again... then he doze off... i see oni 8am + cant go bk to slp, 'k-kiang' go vacuum & mopped the floor... end up 8.30am liao.. heng chk on him his fever down... quickly changed him & get ready his bag/zann's stuff & rush off to cc/work..today cant tk leave cos my colleague's son cc closed, office 'one-man-show' too... i told teacher to monitor lance, if anything, call me asap & i'll hv to bring him to work again then later pick zann up in the evening (she going bk to cc aft schl)... hiaz... really feel like siao-char-bo...

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