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I'm a working mama with two cuties - zann & lance, although they drive me 'nuts', but i adore them very much =)

21 January 2011

Wat a TGIF =(

now i'm so tired now..... but cant zzzzzzz.... since tuesday, i 'one-man-show' , my hb outstation - bkk, bk oni tonite midnight... so he cant help much either.. i hv bn 'chong-ing' fm office latest by 5.30 to pick lance fm cc, then if got chance, go back off-load bags, if not, gotta dragged him to pick zann aft schl.. i tried 'bluffed' him on wednesday to stay w my mum, even 'bribed' him w a pkt of biscuits fm his goodie bag fm schl (actually i dun allw him to eat since he recovered not long), end up when i rchd home w zann (7pm), saw him at ex-nanny house! cos nanny said she heard lance crying pitifully, my mum cant 'gao-tim' him, so she brought him up to her house (1 floor up) and told him cant cry if not bb will wake up (now nanny looking aft her grandson)... then gotta dragged lance along on same evening to tiong bahru cos zann got tution =( tis morning zann a.m. session, last nite keep 'blowing' her to slp early but she got homework, end up earliest get her on bed 10.45pm, heng lance slept 9+pm tink he's too tire (may b now i knw is not good sign, he usually sleep 11+). i cudnt sleep till 12+, then 3+am heard lance coughing badly (thot he recover liao??).. pat him & he slp again.. 4+ he cried said 'cant breath'!! tink his nose block again, he asked for 'puff'.. i set everything end up he complaint chamber 'cold' refused to puff... aggrrr.. then asked for milk instead... so i gv him then we went bk to slp. 5.25 my mum wake me cos she's leaving for work le..too tire, i knock-off again.. 5.45 my alarm clock ring... agggggrrrr... i kwn i'll get bk to slp & cant wake up, so i set hp alarm 6am.. aggrrr... cannot sleep in 'peace'... 6am wake up, make milk for zann.. gotta keep 'chasing' her to brush tooth/change, etc... 6.15 charmaine ah mah called to wake me up + saying she can help to bring zann if she's ready.. but tis gal still dely-dallying... i told her is OK, i'll send her myself.. really v kind of her... then 6.30 ah may called to wake me up, she apologised for being overslept....... told her is OK i alr wake up.. 6.40 when getting ready to leave home then realise lance's got fever =( die-lah.. faster gv him paraceltamol... no choice gotta put him in stroller and walked together w zann to schl... i thot he'll fall alseep, heng he's awake & quite active.. come bk abt 7.20am gv him cough medi + ventolin again (lucky i jus replenished on wednesday like knwing the virus will b bk)... keep sponging him.. he asked for milk again... then he doze off... i see oni 8am + cant go bk to slp, 'k-kiang' go vacuum & mopped the floor... end up 8.30am liao.. heng chk on him his fever down... quickly changed him & get ready his bag/zann's stuff & rush off to cc/work..today cant tk leave cos my colleague's son cc closed, office 'one-man-show' too... i told teacher to monitor lance, if anything, call me asap & i'll hv to bring him to work again then later pick zann up in the evening (she going bk to cc aft schl)... hiaz... really feel like siao-char-bo...

09 December 2010




我记得我那个小外甥两岁多的时候,刚好有一天他母亲在擦桌子,结果擦到一半的时候母亲去做其它的事,刚好孩子就走过来,自己就开始擦了,自己擦了。因为孩子最强的能力是模仿,你很勤劳,孩子会模仿你的动作;但是勤劳的父母不见得能教出勤劳的孩子,那还要教对方法。 所以当这个孩子一跑过来,其实他会不会擦?他不会擦,哪那么厉害!他就在那里好玩一下,模仿模仿。结果我姊姊就跑过来,她说:小伟,年纪这么小就懂得帮妈妈的忙,真有孝心,好孩子。 他一听要孝顺,很好。接着又跟孩子说:小伟,你下一次擦桌子一定要记住,这个四边的角也要擦到,假如你连四边的角都懂得把它擦干净,那你擦桌子是做得非常完美,一百分。 这个孩子记住了什么?记住了做事的方法,同时也肯定了他的孝心,所以他同时学孝又学做事。

所以孩子任何一个情况都可能是你教导他的机会点出现。假如这个时候妈妈跑过来:你那么小别搅和了,妈妈擦就好。你这一只手给他推两次、推三次之后,他以后过不过来?就不过来帮忙。甚至于很多家长就说:你只要把书给我念好就好,其它的事统统不用管。「统统不用管」这句话就把孩子推到哪里去了?所以你看现在很多的太太为什么对先生颇有微词,常常都说先生的生活习惯很差。 我常常会跟这些太太沟通,我说你别怪他,因为他从小这些生活习惯都没有自己去处理,一些工作家事他没有自己去做,所以他才会袜子脱起来就乱丢。你也就别责怪他,相夫教子要慢慢教。



25 September 2010

Two little footprints =)

tat day got a glimpse at both their health book when checking lance's forthcoming appointment @ polyclinic on 28.09.10 for 3 years old assessment.. found tis two little cute footprints.... my babies are growing up... now i see their feet...OMG =D

lance @ 25.09.07 (2.55kg)

zann @ 07.10.03 (2.25kg)

look at them now :

Kor Kor

Today's lance's bd... so fast he's 3 years old le!!! Lately he has been calling himself 'kor kor'.. haha.. may b he knws he has grown 1 year older =D tonite he's celebrating his birthday w jie jie zann again.. tis year we 'forgo' the usual bbq gathering at ecp.... going for dinner w in-laws side @ depot road. me so looking fwd to the 2-tier sesame street cake which i ordered from pine garden (1st time trying tis baker & 1st time ordering 2-tier cake)... bottom tier is lychee martini (as agreed by daddy) & top tier is triple layed chocolate (requested by zann).. hopefully the design not too much different from my expectation since i didnt get to see a dummy of it & hope the rest like the flavors too... initially, wanted to order the pooh & frds design which zann picked.. but the baker dun provide figurines... aggrrrr...

here's a pix of a v nice design & colourful cake ordered by my SMH frd (bbwow)...
(pix taken during 3rd birthday bash 18.09.10 @ Modestos, Vivo).

will try take & post the pix of our 2-tier cake when collecting tis afternoon..

17 May 2010

Disney On Ice 21-03-10

I managed to download 'four precious copies' of photos taken during the recent Disney On Ice show on 21.03.2010 @ Kallang Indoor Staduim.. so quickly upload since i got a chance to blog today =D

both zann & lance not ready for the shot yet

look @ the cheeky boy!

he still dun 'co-operate' trying to 'run away'

see.. i gotta 'grabbed' his hand.. he jus dun smile!

04 March 2010


omg.. is been ages since i last update my blog! too busy when schl starts + cny, etc, etc..... duno when then i hv a chance to upload my photos... hiaz..

03 July 2009


我认为有些时候不必太刻意去安排做莫件事情,反而会不劳而获!! 哈哈!! 
就好比昨晚将近九点......我们经过vivo 促销场所,就被逮着,主办单位要我的小瓜当临时摸特儿, 还有机会赢奖品!! 虽然不晓得幸运之神会不会卷顾我们,但给了我们以下珍贵照片,我们已经很开心了 =D

~Precious Moment~